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Safend Data Protection Suite (DPS) protects sensitive data before its transfer via comprehensive data encryption, port and device restriction and control and content inspection. Answering major compliance requirements like EU GDPR, SOX, HIPAA, PCI, FISMA or UK DPA, DPS has already been successfully integrated into critical industries, government agencies, municipalities, educational facilities, financial services, healthcare organizations, law enforcement and countless other organizations worldwide.

Protector controls endpoint devices and data flow by automatically detecting, permitting, restricting files and encrypting external media devices. Protector is intuitive and complies with major standards including EU GDPR.

Providing transparent full-disc data encryption, Encryptor offers at-a-click company-wide data security. Requiring negligible IT maintenance, Encryptor balances employee productivity with computer performance without interfering with daily activities.

Identifying sensitive information during file transfer, Inspector processes, classifies and defines access permissions and security profiles. Inspector questions users regarding their intentions and immediately blocks them and notifies on inappropriate data usage.

Reporter provides full statistical and in-depth information about your company’s endpoints and automatically pulls strategic and periodic information into reports and distributes them to defined recipients.

Discoverer offers the insight to build and implement companywide data security policies. After classifying company data using rules-based keywords and pattern recognition technologies, Discoverer scans, maps, alerts and reports on data at rest breaches.